Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

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A global property investment group that takes positions in Real Estate and assets through direct investments and management arrangements. JHEHMI complete investment projects successfully, utilizing massive experience from years of successful management expertise, deep understanding of the real estate market, and intense cross-cultural awareness of investment practices and investor behavior.

JHE Holding and Management, Inc. joins together multiple forces, to develop unique opportunities for real estate investment and to offer new options for home owners, to enter the real estate market in the Las Vegas area. All under the supervision of the highly experienced executive team, who will combine their knowledge and expertise, to offer investors an opportunity to effectively penetrate into the Short Term rental market of Las Vegas.

With years of real estate experience, dealing with distress sells, bank owned properties and wholesale property purchases, our company’s executives are targeting, daily, potential investment opportunities for numerous investors and at the same time offering unique solutions for home owners to maximize on their investment property income.

Based on historical tracked record of the US real estate market JHEHMI predicts that the investment in the current real estate market, in Las Vegas, will be extremely profitable, and we will use our best efforts and knowledge to create unique investment opportunities to maximize financial gain for investors for years to come.

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Las Vegas Real Estate Short Term Rental Market Overview

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