Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

Employment Opportunities

JHE uses field agents to approach selected property owners and offer the different programs available for purchasing their properties. The majority of these owners are in default on their mortgage payments and the common programs that are available for them are very limited to “short sale” or buy-outs, which will leave the owners with nothing  after the transaction in complete.

JHE’s techniques, financial strengths and budgets, are elements that need to be discussed with the property owners.  The understanding that our company will do the best to satisfy the lender’s needs, while giving something back to the property owner, will give our agents the edge they need to complete almost every transaction they approach. JHE has the “know-how” to create a successful campaigns and connect to the property owners in a way that will allow them to continue their life with a “better taste” from selling their property.

Completing transactions is the main key to having satisfied agents, since that is the factor that determines the agent’s income. Giving the agents the right tools, in addition to the right compensations, can allow JHE the luxury of selecting the best agents available in the real estate market today. Since the real estate market is not performing, a lot of the agents are looking for alternative solutions for income. JHE gives a solution that will keep agents in the real estate market, and will compensate them for their efforts as well.

The agent compensation program is built on more than one avenue of income. The agents are given a set cash value for any property that is purchased by the company. On top of that, agents receive a percentage of the monthly income from the properties in their portfolio, as well as a set income from renting and/or selling their properties, when the time is right for those transactions to occur. These elements are the basis of agreements with any new agents that join the JHE organization.


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