Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

Finance Methods and Available Options

Different markets available to JHE will use different financing methods. Recognizing available programs for different property owners is another task we put our attention to. We select profit sharing programs for one property owner and may use cash buy out methods for another. All financing options are presented to the investors ahead of time, so our investors will know exactly what finance offers are available for each property so they can consider their options before making any decisions.


Buying Power and Financing Availability

One of the biggest challenges that JHE faces is the buying power and selection of properties available in the market. Most investors will need JHE to commit to volume and accurate time frames for maturity of investments. Our company will supply variety of investment programs and techniques to address these issues. JHE will use its best effort to accommodate property owners and buy as many properties as our budget will allow, however, considering our limitations, our company will pick and choose its properties very carefully.

These issues, combined with other matters will determine the different marketing means that are available to us and will be used to best accommodate JHE’s investors and owners needs and budget.