Millions of visitors come to Las Vegas, each year, for a vacations, for conventions, for bachelorette/bachelor parties, to gamble, or just to have fun. A fair amount of people are also coming to Las Vegas for Corporate relocations, longer term family trips or for sports tournaments, for business retreats, and those needing housing due to insurance needs.

Our company’s business model focuses on a furnished rental modality, where the average rentals run between 3 weeks to 6 months for each rental agreement. While there may be various term groups interspersed between these rentals to ensure maximized revenue, the profitability has been proven out over the past years using the partnership options provided by the company.

Our main targets for this modality are:

  • Insurance company needs
    • Families needing temporary housing, paid for by insurance, while their homes are being repaired.
  • Corporate
    • Either longer term temporary assignments in Las Vegas, or families being relocated permanently to Las Vegas.
  • Events
    • Families coming to Las Vegas for longer term events, such as extended sports competitions, long term visits with family or friends, etc.
  • “Snowbirds”
    • Couples escaping the North/Eastern U.S. and Canadian winters

Furnished rentals come with extra costs and even some obstacles, if, as an owner, this business is done part-time. 
Where these factors may be prohibitive to many potential partners if done on their own, JHE has the systems, personnel, expertise, experience, and increasing revenue success in taking care of these areas for our partners since 2014.

We make sure that the increased profit potential by partnering with us is worth any effort expended by our partners.  Our company takes care of the day-to-day headaches involved with this emerging part of the hospitality industry, while improving your net value, and allowing partners to leverage their time and investments into higher levels where desired.