Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

Rehab Investments

Investors are always looking to get high returns with secured investments such as real estate but don’t always have the liquid capital or time/experience to acquire and execute in the real estate market.  JHE is providing an opportunity for investors’ money to take part in real estate rehab projects, maintaining the security of real estate, and combining it with the high-returns of the property rehab market.



By renovating (and expanding) the homes, JHE is raising the homes’ overall value in the market.  The process takes between 6 Months to 1 Year depending on the size of the property/project. When the home is complete, JHE sells the property for a profit, providing the margins for investors to be guaranteed returns between 12%-15% yearly.

Investment Terms

The terms of the investment are as follows:

  • $50,000 Minimum Investment
  • Monthly Payments (up to 6%)
  • High ROI at Sale of Property 
  • Secured via Deed of Trust 
  • At the point of maturity the investor can roll-over some/all of the investment to the next project, or pull some/all of the money out.








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