Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

Who is JHE?


For the past decade JHE Holding & Management, Inc. has been an aggressive real estate portfolio developer with over 70 homes in the portfolio.  Las Vegas has provided a playing field of opportunity for visionaries, like JHE, who have been able to locate prime deals and affectively rehabilitate properties into luxurious, home-felt, homes either to be sold at a profit or rented for high percentage returns.  With 30+ years of real estate expertise, JHE is now opening the gates to external investors who want in on highly secured, high-return opportunities.

JHE completes investment projects successfully, utilizing massive experience from years of successful management expertise, deep understanding of the real estate market, and intense cross-cultural awareness of investment practices and investor behavior.

Sophisticated marketing techniques are used to establish new investment opportunities, and at the same time develop solutions for property owners, who are on the way to lose control of their properties otherwise. Using a common profit sharing model, we will convert a lost property to an income generating property with hope for a better future in the real estate marketplace.

Finding the right property for investment, and the right program to offer to different property owners, involves a great deal of experience and comprehension. With years of real estate experience, dealing with distress sales, our company’s executives are targeting daily, potential investment opportunities for numerous investors, and at the same time offering unique solutions for home owners in distress.


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