Utilizing our expertise to develop unique opportunities in the Real Estate market

Creative Solutions

Sophisticated marketing techniques are used to establish new investment opportunities and at the same time develop solutions for property owners, who are on the way to lose control of their properties otherwise. Using a common profit sharing model, we will convert a lost property to a money making property with hope for a better future in the real estate market place.

JHEHMI can use its expertise and financial power to negotiate better terms with lenders, delay trust dead sells, payoff bad loans or brings a defaulted loan current on its payments.

The most common solution for an “upside down” property is a short sale. At that type of sale the bank has to approve the sale of the property and forgive the excess money still owed after the sale. JHEHMI may offer a quick and easy cash deal to the bank and own the property free and clear of any loans or legal obligations. The owner will benefit from a paid loan and a clear credit record (“settled less than full amount”).

Our Philosophy

The US real estate market is acting as a wave, with picks and falls, since statistics had been kept on it. Inflation, currency value instability and market demands had caused every pick to be higher in home prices from the last pick before it. Analyzing that history is the basis for the assumption that the fall that is experienced nowadays will be followed by a pick higher in home prices than the 2006 pick. Since about the year 1999 house prices in the western US were on the rise and the top homes priced at average of 100% more than the low point of the wave at 1998 to 1999, for the same home.

Giving this information most investors are trying to invest in the real estate market at the end of the fall or the beginning of a new wave. JHEHMI’s approach to the wave is to invest in the market immediately after the pick and wait for the next turn of the wave with as many properties as possible. Using unique buying techniques that will limit the risk in these purchasing transactions allow JHEHMI to create a large portfolio of properties when the market turns, and maximize profits on investments.

In our unique approach, the property value at the time of the transaction is not a factor in the purchasing decision. What matters is the ability to hold the property for the duration of the wave and ending the fall with most properties on hand. JHEHMI gives the property owner a second opportunity to deal with a distressed property and hope for some profit on this property at one point or another.

JHEHMI highly experienced executive team combined their knowledge to offer:

1. Home owners – creative solutions for their default situations and credit problems.

2. Investment groups – high profit margins.

3. Lenders – solutions for bad loans.

Finding the right property for investment and find the right program to offer to different property owner involves a great deal of experience and comprehension. As a first step JHEHMI will do market Analysis for each potential property in order to constitute values, projections, and marketing needs, that will help in establishing budget and working capital.

We will analyze the property’s current value by:

1. Comparable properties currently available in the market
2. Rental properties available and rent income
3. Property’s special needs and rental demands
4. Project future value based on past value
5. Property condition in comparison to neighboring properties
6. Solutions to establish high profit cash flow with a given property

The next step will be to identify the risk factors for each property and find the appropriate solution for every property. This will apply to the distress properties and to properties with high initial investment (Defaulted taxes, improvements, Etc.)

All of these properties are being approached by many companies. At times; these companies are offering what sounds like similar programs to ours; however, the unique program, that involves profit sharing and investment in property that is undervalued, is only available with an experienced powerful investment group as JHEHMI.

Different markets available to JHEHMI will use different financing methods. Recognizing Financing methods and available programs for deferent property owners is another task we need to put our attention to. We will select profit sharing program for one property owner and may use cash buy out method for another. All methods of financing the deal will be presented to the property owners so they will know exactly what offer is available for each property and they may consider their options before making any decisions.

Buying power and financing availability. One of the biggest challenges that JHEHMI will face is the buying power and selection of properties available in the market. Most investors will need JHEHMI to commit to volume and accurate time frame for maturity of investments. Our company will supply variety of investment programs and techniques to address these issues. JHEHMI will use its best effort to approach and buy as many properties as the market will allow since the time to purchase these properties in this unique program is limited and the financial gain is a factor of the amount of properties we purchase rather than the value of each one of the properties.

These issues, combined with other matters will determine the deferent marketing means that are available to us and will be used to best accommodate JHEHMI’s investors and owners needs and budget.

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